Congrats to all racers for an awesome derby day and thanks for coming out on Easter weekend! Here are the official Derby winners!





Webelos 1

Webelos 2


Skylar Davis

Rowan Cavanaugh

Ronan O'Shea

Maxim Kaminski

Aksel Borntrager


Skylar Mori-Gay

Roman Borntrager

Nolan Gary

Cooper Headlee

Dakota Clark


Theodore Gookin

Boedy Headley

Cristian Gross

James Holland

Alex Ancona


Brayden Brenden

Jack Graff

Logan Bridges

John George


Category Winners:

Creative: Kale Cavanaugh

Scout Spirited: Dakota Clark

Egg-sta-lent: Connor Bridges

Funny: Cameron Friedman

Patriotic: Christian Gross

Hit-the-brakes: Liam O'Shea

We are interested in your feedback of our Derby event. Please take this opportunity to give us feedback or your great ideas for next year while it is fresh: Derby Feedback


The full race results can be found here below. If your scout placed in the top 4 of their rank they will be eligible to compete in the district race. The official registration can be found here. District is a fun event and I hope all our fastest racers get to compete this year. 

Full race results here.  Let me know if you have any questions!