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Parada Del Sol

posted Feb 5, 2013, 12:28 PM by Sean Bridges


This is a reminder for all Pack 100 families who are not attending Camp Digalus this weekend: It’s time for the Parada Del Sol!

We need to meet Saturday at Oak & Scottsdale Road at 9am.  I would suggest parking in the SUSD parking lot on the south side of Miller & Oak, a ½ mile walk east of Scottsdale Road.  Another option is to park at the Boys & Girls Club on the east side of Miller Road.


If you are a Tiger Scout parent plan to march with us in the parade.  Wear comfortable walking shoes, class A uniforms for scouts, western attire for parents is great, bring your cowboy hats if you have them!


If you are a parent of an older scout you are welcome to join us also. If you wish to drop off and watch the parade, I’d appreciate anyone who could take pictures of the Pack bringing a camera to the event. I will also need contact information for you so we can find each other at the end of the parade.


The route starts at Scottsdale & Oak, continues north to Indian School Road, and we will be heading west to exit the end of the parade.  If you wish to coordinate rides with other families, plan to park WEST of Indian School Road, de-staging is at Marshall Way.  If your scout is being picked up by someone else, please let me know who they are to be picked up by. This is my first time helping Pack 100 with this, and I want to make sure it is fun and safe for all!


It will be cooler this weekend, plan to dress appropriately. Bring a water bottle if you feel you will need water during the parade.


We will be carrying flags and a banner and singing chants as we march. We will also be saluting veterans along the way.