Hi Pack 100!
 Our pack returns to the Parada del Sol Parade this Saturday.  Please come in full Class A uniform, with a scout hat, sunblock and a water bottle. The forecast this year looks like it is going to be beautiful out, but please check the weather before coming out and dress appropriately. 

We will be in group #53 that is staged in the South bound lane of Drinkwater North of 3rd Avenue & South of Stetson. We ask that parents arrive to the staging area by 8:30am. We will be hanging out for a while until the parade starts @ around 10am. There is no 'official' parking for the parade this year, but the SUMC will be charging $5 for parking, and is a good spot to do a short walk over to the staging area.  

This will be the first year where all the dens are in town at the same time so we are looking forward to a huge pack 100 showing :) If you are available, please consider coming on down.

Make sure your den leader knows you are coming so we know who to look out for, also please work it out with them if your child will march solo. Please arrange for siblings to be with family on the sidelines to watch and wave to scouts: only uniformed participants or parents may join in the parade walk. It’s fun to look for family cheering for us as we go!